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A Little History

Living out the Gospel in East City!

In the spring of 1876, Reverend Mark Burnham donated a site on Stewart Street, ( now Rogers Street) in Ashburnham for the purpose of constructing a suitable place of worship.  Work was begun on a small schoolroom.  Rev. W.C. Bradshaw was engaged as incumbent of the new parish to be named St. Luke The Evangelist.  The Right Reverend Father in God, Alexander Neil, Bishop of the Diocese of Toronto granted the Petition establishing the parish and its buildings with the name and title of St, Luke’s Church to be secured for sacred purposes forever on the 13th day of May, 1878.

Soon a larger building was erected and equipped with many gifts and memorials.  Many of these are still in use at St Luke’s today.  The parish grew and prospered until disaster struck.


On March 7, 1959, a fire broke out in the Chancel area of the church causing extensive damage to the building.  It was decided to build a new church rather than rebuild the current structure. A site on Armour Road located more in the centre of the parish was chosen and an up-to-date church was erected.  The Rogers Street Church was deconsecrated on February 1, 1961, and the Armour Road Building was immediately consecrated as St Luke’s Church.

Many regular services, baptisms, weddings and funerals as well as joyful and learning events have taken place within its walls.


In 1996, the Parish of St. Mark’s, Otonabee chose to amalgamate with St. Luke’s.  In 2008, St, George’s Church from the south end of Peterborough also chose to do so.    Many of the gifts and memorials from both parishes are now being used by our parish.    The worship area at the back of the nave is dedicated as the St George’s Chapel. 

St Luke’s is a meaningful presence in East City offering worship, a weekly food cupboard, thrift store, scouting programs, FaithWorks and Samaritan Purse support.  St; Luke’s is rarely quiet. During the week the sound of happy little voices are heard from the Kinderschool which rents a portion of the facility.  


Rev. Samantha Caravan



Rev. Doug Woods

Honorary Assistant


Rose St. Thomas

Children, Youth and Family Ministry

Kathy Axcell - ed.jpg

Kathy Axcell


Lorraine Brown

People's Warden


Jack Adams

Incumbent's Warden


Margaret Pulver

Deputy People's Warden


Beth Craig-Markle

Deputy Incumbent's Warden

Mr. Ian Morton
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